Trained in Flamenco and Sacred Dance, I use dance as a means to reach other dimensions of reality, connect to myself and the Divine and express the mysteries that my soul asks me to express. To me it’s a devotional act, a prayer, a calling, but especially something through which I constantly receive more Life and Energy and that helps me to deeply transform my fears and my barriers. I am the Woman that I am today because of Dance and I look forward to seeing how I will transform again and again as a Woman, a Human being, an Incarnated soul through IT and because of IT.


Some Flamenco performances I took part in during the years.

Some photos of the Sacred Dance retreat in Greece and Mystical Dance Training in Madrid both led by my teacher Lalita Devi ( to whom I’m forever indebted for introducing me to Sacred Dance and enriching and changing the way I move and from where I move.


I dance when I harvest wheat. I dance when I feel good and I dance when I feel bad. I dance to the rhythm of nature, I dance to the rhythm of life.




In Myanmar I had the opportunity to dance during a Ritualistic ceremony for the Nats, the Spirits worshipped by the locals together with Buddhism. An event that I am deeply thankful for and that still has repercussions on my present life.