Is there life after Death?

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The last 19th January in Sevilla a photo exhibit opened at Cobertura Photo where one of my projects was also present. Even though I didn’t take part in the event I am very glad I had the opportunity to show my work, a project that has been with me for nearly a year.

It’s a peculiar, maybe difficult idea, which I felt almost compelled to realize and finish. The subject is Death, something that has always exerted a special charm on me. I have often wondered what happens when we die, what’s the part of us that survives? Are we going to survive after all? During the years I have gathered information, I have read, I have talked to people, I have dreamt at night and during the day, I have imagined and ruminated and even thought it still remains a mystery I have started to build a relationship with Death, to create an idea, a consciousness that I later translated into photography. This is the story of a journey, the story of the hypothetical route that a soul has to face once it abandons the physical body till the moment of its reincarnation. However this can also become the journey of a part of ourselves that we don’t need any more and that therefore must die to give space to something new that can better represent who we have become. I have inserted the project on my Web site, the layout is different from the one shown at the exhibit but it still expresses its original meaning. I also invite you to answer to the questions that accompany each series because I think it’s important to start to have a connection with something so fundamental that will sooner or later, directly or indirectly, touch our lives. I firmly believe that our relationship with Death can determine and change (and probably improve) the quality of our life. Enjoy!

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