As much as I love to photograph pretty much everything, I’ve realized that I tend to gravitate towards certain subjects or situations which I’ve decided to gather in these three main collections.


Dance is an art form where movement is essential so the fascinating part about dance photography is the capacity to freeze movement in time inside a still frame. It becomes a quest for expressive eyes, intensity, angles, poses and for that moment able to transmit motion, skills and passion.


Nature is so mysterious that it’s nearly impossible to capture its magnificence in the limited frame of a photograph. However, what is possible to do is to open little windows which can hopefully inspire to return to it as humans and as part of nature ourselves.


There is nothing like the feeling of going out into the streets with a camera. You know there will be something, even in the most uneventful day, that will catch your attention, make you smile or surprise you because you go out in search of life, whatever form it takes, and life will always respond if you are curious enough to look for it.

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