Travelling and exploring the world have always been great passions of mine and from the moment I started to have an interest in photography, they became inseparable. I had to take my camera everywhere I went. I’ve always thought of it as a tool that could help me understand the world better. It gave me a kind of protection and strength that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Here it’s what I’ve found on the way.


There is a part of me that will always feel home in this part of the world. That’s maybe why I’ve decided to live here for a few years. These were also the years where my passion for photography started and Andalusia became my muse.


Here I’m gathering the photos taken in Myanmar, where I traveled around for one month, and Bali, where I lived for four months. Everything was so different and fascinating that I couldn’t help but immortalize what I experienced through the lens of my camera.


Europe is where I live and where I travel the most so here you can find glimpses of a few of the places I’ve been to like Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Poland. I hope that these images are able to capture how beautiful and varied Europe is.

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