Even though I was already aware of the disastrous effects fast fashion has on the environment, people, and society, it was only a couple of years ago that I started digging deeper and discovering how terrible the situation really is. It was then that my desire to do something about it was ignited. I immediately stopped buying new clothes and immersed myself into the world of second-hand shopping, both for garments but also for furniture and everything that I needed. I became fascinated by the incredible possibilities offered by thrift shopping and pre-loved clothes in so many aspects and saw the benefits for the planet, my style, and also my wallet. I decided that I wanted to promote this approach to fashion and embarked on a year-long project ‘366 days of thrifted outfits’ on Instagram. The idea consisted in posting one outfit created with pre-loved or old clothes every day for an entire year (2020, a leap year). I also started a Youtube channel you can find below where I show what I have scored in thrift shops, give some styling ideas, share tips and information on finding second-hand clothes and expose the consequences of fast fashion.


Fashion is the third most polluting industry on the planet and with the current business model based on profit at any cost, it also contributes to the violation of the human rights of the garment workers in many countries in the world. Nowadays, 80 billion new pieces of clothing are produced every year, which is 400% more than the amount consumed just two decades ago. One of the consequences of this overproduction is that clothes are discarded at a shocking pace. Over 99% of the clothing thrown away can be recycled or reused, however, more than 85% ends up in landfills. This is the reason why I promote the use of second-hand clothes. We have produced so many garments already that there is no sense in keeping buying new clothes when there are already great pre-existing options that don’t put a drain on the planet’s resources.




Another reason why, in my opinion, second-hand clothes are a better option than new clothes is that they help to develop and expand our personal style. Pre-loved garments come in different shapes, designs, colours, and textures and the cheap price we pay for them (or no price at all since sometimes we can get them for free) allow us to experiment and venture out of our comfort styling zone. We can try new colours we never thought we would wear or new materials or styles we were scared to incorporate into our wardrobes. And in case we make a mistake or we realise they are not for us after all, we can always pass them on to someone else or recycle them. Second-hand clothes are a wonderful tool which helps us to express who we are.


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