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You’ve landed in a little place on the web where you can find my past and present projects and works. I hope you will enjoy looking around and feel inspired to discover the world of ethical fashion and sustainable style, daydream of new places to explore while you take a peek at the photographs or perhaps find some food for thought in my writings and poems. I’ll see you inside!


A sustainable style means dressing in clothes produced in conditions that didn’t cause harm to the environment, society and the people who made them. There are different ways to dress in an eco-friendly and ethical manner however for me the best option available is using what we already have (and that we have in great amounts). This is why I promote the use of second-hand clothes, thrifting, and the curation of a personal wardrobe that lets us express who we really are through a creative and sustainable style.

Create your style


Here you can find vintage clothes, high-quality brand items and fun pieces at fair prices. All carefully picked and curated. Quality and love.


The world is full of magic, secrets and beauty ready to be discovered. With the help of my trusted camera and a bit of light I’ve tried to do just that. I hope you will enjoy what I’ve found.


Ghetto - Venice





Hi! Or better yet, Ciao! Let me introduce myself. I’m Stefania, an Italian woman with a nomadic nature and many interests and passions that just keep growing and expanding. That’s why I like to identify with water. Like water, I like to adjust to different forms which let me express myself and the many ideas, feelings, and dreams I have inside and want to share with others. Whether it is photography, dance, writing, or personal styling, my aim is to create from the inside out. Once in a while my creative focus turns to a specific means or subject, while the others remain in the background ready to move to the forefront when their time has come. At the moment what really inspires me and drives me is to promote sustainable fashion through the use of second-hand clothes, encourage the development of a personal style and share information and possible solutions for a sector that needs a radical change towards a more environmental and ethical vision.

Be water, my friends…


The Rise of the New Man

The Rise of the New Man

Hidden among the folds of the Earth, he makes his way up He stands out in the sky suspended between two worlds Rocked by the waves of the ocean, he emerges New and deeply ancestral Rising from the ashes of an eclipse disguised as nightmare From the bowels of Nature he...

Is there life after Death?

Is there life after Death?

The last 19th January in Sevilla a photo exhibit opened at Cobertura Photo where one of my projects was also present. Even though I didn’t take part in the event I am very glad I had the opportunity to show my work, a project that has been with me for nearly a...

Flamenco Fighting

Flamenco Fighting

It wasn't supposed to be like this, it wasn't supposed to be this difficult. I've never asked for it. I'm trying, I'm trying so hard to get over it, overcome all this mess, this pain that reaches all my cells, my skin, my body, my mind, my heart. I can only respond in...

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