I Am Water

I am everything and I am nothing

I have everything and I have nothing

And in the meanwhile my life experiments

My attempts at a living

Excursions into the Unknown

Sometimes I flow

Other times I get stuck

And at times, well, I suck.

Directing my wild horses

Into the mind of the Divine

I dive into the bluest waters

Resurfacing anew.

I was nearly drowning.

I am Home.


The world is open and continuously talks to us in subtle whispers waiting to be heard, seen and discovered.


Compositions on life, death and everything in between.

Life as a Miracle


Whatever life throws at me I am going to dance it. I will get inside of it with all my Being. Then the fear of living will disappear. Lived, there is no fear. Not lived, life is scary.

Outfit con vestiti usati – Novembre

Prendendo ispirazione dal calendario 2020 di Fashion Revolution e dal loro hashtag #366daysofrevolution, ho decido di imbarcarmi in una sfida di un anno e pubblicare 366 outfit creati con vestiti usati, uno al giorno, sul mio account Instagram @water_i_am, iniziando...

November thrifted outfits

Inspired by the Fashion Revolution calendar and their hashtag #366daysofrevolution, I have decided to challenge myself and post 366 thrifted outfits, one a day, on my Instagram account @water_i_am starting on 1st November 2019 (check it out for more thrifted outfit...

I principi di base della sostenibilità

Ogni giorno, nelle Storie del mio account Instagram I Am Water, pubblico un consiglio sulla sostenibilità (per 366 giorni, sia in italiano che in inglese). Si tratta di brevi suggerimenti e quindi ho pensato di creare dei blog di approfondimento che offrono una...

Dance is a calling that I obey like the servant that I am and that I am happy to be. My soul speaks to me in mysterious ways that I can only express through the movement of my body. I thrive and strive to dance in connection with the Universe, with no ego or identity. To become One with everything and the purest channel that I can possibly be. This is my aim and purpose and the work I commit myself to every day…

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