I Am Water

I am everything and I am nothing

I have everything and I have nothing

And in the meanwhile my life experiments

My attempts at a living

Excursions into the Unknown

Sometimes I flow

Other times I get stuck

And at times, well, I suck.

Directing my wild horses

Into the mind of the Divine

I dive into the bluest waters

Resurfacing anew.

I was nearly drowning.

I am Home.


The world is open and continuously talks to us in subtle whispers waiting to be heard, seen and discovered.


Compositions on life, death and everything in between.

Life as a Miracle


Whatever life throws at me I am going to dance it. I will get inside of it with all my Being. Then the fear of living will disappear. Lived, there is no fear. Not lived, life is scary.

November thrifted outfits

Inspired by the Fashion Revolution calendar and their hashtag #366daysofrevolution, I have decided to challenge myself and post 366 thrifted outfits, one a day, on my Instagram account @water_i_am starting on 1st November 2019 (check it out for more thrifted outfit...

The basic principles of sustainability

Every day in the Stories on my Instagram account I Am Water I publish a sustainability tip (for 366 days, both in English and Italian). They are just short suggestions so I thought that it might be useful to give a deeper explanation for those who would like to...
The Rise of the New Man

The Rise of the New Man

Hidden among the folds of the Earth, he makes his way up He stands out in the sky suspended between two worlds  Rocked by the waves of the ocean, he emerges New and deeply ancestral  Rising from the ashes of an eclipse disguised as nightmare From the bowels of Nature...

Dance is a calling that I obey like the servant that I am and that I am happy to be. My soul speaks to me in mysterious ways that I can only express through the movement of my body. I thrive and strive to dance in connection with the Universe, with no ego or identity. To become One with everything and the purest channel that I can possibly be. This is my aim and purpose and the work I commit myself to every day…

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